Cameron Poetzscher, Financial Advisor

He is Head of Corporate Development for one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world, Uber. In that position, Cameron Poetzscher has shown himself to be a highly skilled executive with a reputation as a problem solver, capable of fixing even the most complex issues under the most difficult conditions. His high level of skill comes from his experience.

Cameron Poetzscher has a strong reputation for leading difficult negotiations and making difficult deals based on his long 17-year career as a global investment professional at Goldman Sachs. During that long stint, he provided investment guidance to some of the most sophisticated and demanding clients at Goldman or anywhere else. The list of clients was long and included Fortune 50 companies and prominent start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms.

That was when he contributed to a large number of complex mergers and acquisition transactions, as well as IPOs and other types of intricate transactions. His clients have included many industry leaders and innovators, mostly in the tech, media and telecom sectors.

Cameron Poetzscher, From His Education to Uber

While he is currently part of the Uber corporation as their Head of Corporate Development, before joining them, Cameron Poetzscher had accumulated over seventeen years of global investment banking experience at the notable Goldman Sachs. In his position at Goldman Sachs, he advised for some of the most high profile and complex clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to pre-IPO start-ups backed by the leading VC firms. In this advisement role, he also learned the skills of working on many sophisticated and demanding M&A transactions, IPOs and other financings across five different continents.

Cameron Poetscher has become known as a skilled and hard worker at whatever task he is given, but more than that, he is also known for loving people. Cameron Poetzscher brings a highly creative and analytical combination to problem solving and decision making in his daily tasks and this is what has made him successful over the years. It is in this passion for a combination of creative and analytical problem solving that Cameron Poetzscher discovered his love for the world of technology, media and the telecom space. His continued interest in this field is due to its changing forecast and ever developing processes. He has devoted the majority of his career to these fields. He has worked for a plethora of companies varying in industries, but is consistently using his passion and love of the technology world to better the companies he has worked for.

Cameron Poetzscher Biography

As the Head of Corporate Development for technology company Uber, Cameron Poetzscher has developed a significant reputation as an executive with proven finance, operational and deal-making experience. He tends to be a problem solver, approaching problems in a highly creative and analytical manner. He also tends to do his best work when he’s placed into high-pressure, challenging situations and he has learned to make the best of them. He has very strong experience when it comes to leading difficult negotiations, as well as structuring partnerships and acquisitions, leading difficult negotiations, and making deals.

Even before he made his mark with Uber, Poetzscher had a very long career as a difference-maker, with 17 years with Goldman Sachs, where he was a global investment professional. There, he provided investment advice and guidance to some of the most sophisticated and demanding clients anywhere, including A number of Fortune 50 companies and pre-IPO start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms. He worked on many complex high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions, IPOs and other financings. His clients have including a great number of industry leaders and innovators, like Uber, for example.

Most of Mr. Poetzscher’s long career has been focused primarily on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, with a strong concentration on the Internet and entertainment areas, but he also has considerable experience working with companies in a number of other fields, including the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas. His experience has also been international, having worked on deals in every corner of the world, having helped create deals on five continents.

Before he started at Goldman Sachs, he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School before working on that school’s Finance Faculty, where he engaged in research and case-writing, with a focus on derivatives, hedging and liability management.

High Pressure, High Reward: Cameron Poetzscher in the Business World

Cameron Poetzscher has, time and time again, proven that he knows how to contribute to a successful business. He has the business acumen needed in order to thrive in corporate settings. He has been a successful executive in a number of different fields, including finance and technology. Cameron Poetzscher’s experience as an operational and deal-making executive has allowed him to become someone who brings a lot to the table for businesses he works with, both in terms of being highly creative and having an analytical approach. Poetzscher has a unique talent for problem-solving in addition to decision-making. This goes double for the high-pressure environments he often works in. Poetzscher has structured partnerships and acquisitions and led challenging negotiations in addition to executing successful deals—all of which have made him a better and more effective businessman and executive.

Cameron Poetzscher has made a career out of confronting strategic and business issues, even when the circumstances surrounding them are challenging. He has proven that his judgment is sound and he is detail oriented when it matters most. As an executive, Cameron Poetzscher remains focused on operations and outcomes for the firms he works with. Poetzscher also has considerable experience in leading teams in a corporate environments. This includes recruiting, mentoring, and developing people who are then able to better contribute to the business.